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I’ve taken a lot of courses in my life: in person, through correspondence, online, at Universities, tech-schools, and through private teachers, apprenticeships and mentorships.

The class I am currently enrolled in through Ridgedale Permaculture in Sweden is the most well-rounded, comprehensive and valuable I have experienced.

While the accompanying book is brilliant, as are the videos by the author, the outward spiraling web of auxiliary information, expansive touches upon ideally matched resources (books, research, enterprise examples, etc), and access to top-tier networks and individuals that is provided is above and beyond the mark of anything I’ve seen. Each element of the course is deeply tied in to each other element – simultaneously expansive and imminently relevant.

Occasionally, when you have a good teacher providing a good plan of study, one experiences a “lightning” bolt of excitement or inspiration regarding a morsel of information received. In this course, however, it has been my experience that the occasional bolts of lightning have fused together to form a constant, high-voltage stream of mind expanding insights from the first moment to (expectedly without doubt) the last.

It is, in effect, an Indra’s Net of life-value information for anyone, whether you have interest in growing food or not. Theoretical, practical, philosophical, psychological, phenomenological, scientific, creative –

I was once taught that a great teacher does not teach his subject matter alone – but about life, how to think, and how to live. The subject matter is only the vehicle, the bread, to transfer the real knowledge, the meat and cheese. Well done Richard Perkins at Ridgedale Permaculture for embodying this rarely achieved ideal.

Blake Ragghianti