Scroll down to see what our students are saying about the Regenerative Agriculture Masterclass.




Scroll down to see what our students have to say about the Regenerative Agriculture Masterclass.


“Since this was the first online course I ever purchased, before I did it looked like a big sum of money that I could use in a different way while I was starting up our farm.

Turns out I was wrong and it was one of the best investments I made starting out! Now after implementing a lot of this knowledge into our own project it has paid for itself and way more than that!

Currently we are running eggmobiles, market garden, broilers, plus designing our future silvopasturelanes in the paddocks.

What I like the most are the detailed spreadsheets for the enterprises and just the insane amount of knowledge you can just soak your brain in.

I recommend it to anyone starting out in the regenerative ag scene; pretty much all you need to know is in here! ;)”


“When I first came across the Masterclass I was hesitant as it would require a lot of time and I was afraid that I would not be able to do it justice.

When I signed up and got access to all the material and got feedback on all the assignments I was really happy that I decided to go ahead!

The online course was a handful to be sure, but time well spent. Without it I would not have had the confidence to take the leap and start my career as a regenerative farmer. Especially the hard figures and the connections to other students were especially valuable.

I would recommend the masterclass to anyone who is nurturing a Dream of farming regeneratively and profitably – perhaps to be able to give up that soulcrushing desk job. As I have!”


“In March of 2020, I jumped into Richard’s online Masterclass almost without thinking and with absolutely no prior experience in gardening, permaculture, agriculture or land management. Eight months later, after finishing the Masterclass, I signed up for Oregon State University’s highly regarded Permaculture Certificate course.

While OSU’s program is excellent, Richard’s course is in an entirely different league – delving exponentially deeper into all of the practical details necessary to start and successfully operate a regenerative agriculture farm with any number of potential enterprises.

I challenge anyone to find a source of detailed, practical, all-encompassing wisdom and guidance surrounding Regenerative Agriculture that comes close to what Richard Perkin’s offers in his Masterclass.

It’s clear that Ridgedale is far ahead of the curve and on the cutting edge of practical, scalable, regenerative agriculture. Richard is indisputably the figurehead and guiding light for all that the future of regenerative agriculture has to offer.

I am now in the process of redesigning an abandoned 100-acre farm here in the US where I will operate a half-dozen regenerative enterprises inspired by Richard’s course.

I can honestly say that Richard’s incredible depth and breadth of knowledge, and the detailed and practical manner in which he shares it in his Masterclass, has changed my life in countless ways. I owe him a debt of gratitude.”


“Richard’s Masterclass is invaluable to regenerative agriculture entrepreneurs that are looking at starting out, and those wanting to learn more. The Masterclass condenses Richard’s lifetime of learning into well laid out, succinct yet detailed trainings on a wide array of topics. His wide-ranging experience and interests ensure that, whatever your focus, it is covered comprehensively.

We did not hesitate to take the training when it was launched in October 2018, because it was clear from Richard’s first book and his YouTube videos, that he was passionate about training others to be profitable regenerative agriculture entrepreneurs.

Having come from backgrounds completely unrelated to agriculture, the Masterclass reduced our risk to starting our own regenerative enterprise in 2020. It has also given us the right (commercial) mindset for our business and has allowed us to make better strategic and holistic decisions, with clear goals and focus for our energies.

We will continue to refer to this training as we expand into new enterprises. Richard’s passion for continual experimentation and improvements shows that he is in it for the long run, and we are very grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from him.”


“Is it worth it? That was the question we asked ourselves before we signed up for the course.

We knew that there was a lot of material to go through, so when we got used to it, we were also prepared to take a couple of intensive weeks to go through the material.

It did not take long before we got ants in our pants and wanted to get started immediately. For many years we had been thinking about how we could change what we do on our small scale farm and even let it be the main income. However, we did not really know how and in what way.

Richard Perkin’s course was like opening the floodgates fully for us and we suddenly saw nothing but great opportunities. We put in many hours over long days to improve ourselves in all the useful information and started working with our own calculations and documents.

After a couple of weeks we had ordered the first flock of chickens and shortly afterwards seeds for our new market garden. Had it not been for Richard Perkins’ masterclass, we would probably still be sitting and tormented to try to figure out what and how we can do it.

Was it worth it? Definitely! Now we just do it, and it works!”


“Before registering for the on-line course, I had some hesitations. As a full-time farmer, I didn’t know if I would have enough time to follow the course.

Because of that, I purchased the (no longer existing) monthly enrolment during the winter period, so I had more time to study. I delved into the chapters I consider more useful for myself and I’m going to enrol and study other topics this winter.

Taking the Masterclass enables me to learn different new practical things such as compost tea recipe, which now I apply to my fruit orchards. Following the eggmobile design description, I was able to adapt that design to my context and built my own eggmobile from scratch. The Masterclass also got me closer to holistic management, which might appear of minor importance compared to practical aspects, but I now find it essential to run a farm in balance.

What I like the most about the Masterclass is how it is structured. Every topic is clearly explained with different material (video, graphics, spreadsheets, lectures). I like that I could jump from a section to a new one and I could skip the parts I didn’t want to follow, or I could stay on another topic as much time as I wanted.

I would recommend the Masterclass to everyone who is sincerely committed to farming. It is a “must” for those who want to start farming, but it is also a smart investment to those who are already farming and lured by regenerative agriculture.”


“I was nervous about taking an online Masterclass about farming, but after taking Richard’s class I can definitely say I would not hesitate again. This is a well worth investment and there is so much information included. I left this class prepared to start my own farm. The videos and reading in this class are so nice and helpful. I greatly enjoyed the whole class.

I have been able to create a well thought out and designed plan for my future farm. This class has given me great tools to use to help me run a successful farm business.

I really liked the Q&A sessions and videos, and very much loved reading Richard’s book!

I definitely recommend the Masterclass! Well worth the investment, and I’m so grateful to have this information for my lifetime!”


“Not having a farm yet nor being sure if I was going to have my own farm, I was wondering if this was the right investment for my future. Especially because of the cost of it and my little income. But quite soon I understood that the course was not overpriced. Compared to other investments one should make to start a farm this is a small one that could save 10-100x more.

The Masterclass has taught me to read the landscape before acting, to plan more accurately, and to see the pros and cons of all the different enterprises, and it has connected me to a worldwide community that I hope will stick together in the future. This is just the beginning.

I have many favourite elements; the learning community, the per chapter division of the program, the help of the mentors, the Q&A sessions, all the printable material.

I would recommend the Masterclass to anyone already farming or wanting to start a farm business. In Italy there is so much need for a broader perspective. The first part on holistic management I would recommend to everyone, literally.”


“I had two reservations before signing up for the Masterclass. 1) Would I have time? Well, turns out that there are still heaps of things to get to grips with but we have a better road map now. 2) The price. Once the course opens and you start to unpack it, it becomes obvious that it is incredible value. The course will save us much more and reduce our blind alley failures!!

The Masterclass has enabled us to go forward with confidence developing our small holding.

I particularly appreciated the tasks, the direct feedback through Facebook, and the spreadsheets.

I would recommend the Masterclass to my son and other enlightened forward thinkers.”


“My only hesitation before purchasing the Masterclass was the cost.

It has enabled me to run the numbers and get realistic about the enterprises we want to do, and our ability to pull them off. I was able to learn more about and finally understand Keyline, and make a plan for our tree and berry plantings. It enabled me to see the true labor and cost for each enterprise, confirming my suspicions that livestock are easier than big market gardens. It enabled me to start to build a network of peers whom I can support and get support from. I’m almost done with all the spreadsheets….

I loved the downloads, the Facebook group, and the Q&A’s most of all. Honestly, I also loved all the videos and the resources on the website.

I’m very grateful for this opportunity, and I plan on continuing to utilise all the information as time goes on. I had seen Richard on Youtube and was learning so much that when I found out about the course, I was super excited. I have been very happy to learn so very much in such a short amount of time. I know this course has saved me from a million mistakes, and I thank you for that. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us, in such a detailed and informational fashion. I gained so much more knowledge than I had imagined. I have the confidence I needed to feel secure that I am going to kick farming’s ass. Gracias!

I would recommend the Masterclass to absolutely anyone who wants to be a farmer, get into regenerative farming, or is currently farming and not making ends meet.”


“The Masterclass is quite an investment, and I was not really sure what the context would be, whether it would be applicable to my farm, my situation etc.

But the Masterclass enables me to create structure! It gives me a very clear approach to the enterprise I am already running (beef cattle) and gives me a wonderful guideline of how to develop the enterprises I was so far only thinking about and could’t proceed to implement.

I especially liked the work sheets about the enterprises with the facts and figures! And I enjoyed the holistic approach, even though it challenged me a lot!

I would recommend the Masterclass to anyone who is just about to jump into a new life decision, thinking about the topic of agriculture. And everyone who is already involved, but is just fed up with the financial ballast he/she has to carry.”


“Before signing up for the Masterclass, I didn’t know what to expect and didn’t realise how extensive the course was, so paying €2000 seemed like a bit of a risk. But in hindsight it was money well spent.

The greatest thing about it is that it’s like a smörgåsbord of inspiration and facts – you pick what you like but may also find a lot of things that you hadn’t thought about. I went into the course mainly to learn more about managing a pastured broilers enterprise, but I found several other things that I’d like to try. I also appreciate that it’s focused on actually making a living out of farming and not just finding inner peace and harmony.

I would recommend the Masterclass to anyone who’s interested in making a living from farming.”


“Before signing up, I wondered if I would find enough time, having another business and 2 small kids..!

The Masterclass has given me a clear structure and tools to prioritise tasks on the farm. It made it possible to divide this massive venture in easily digestible parts, with a clear road map on how to get to you goal (or how to reevaluate your goals)

It was great to see the enterprises are tied to structured spreadsheets. It is a perfect combination of hands-on farm work with behind the scenes-work on the computer. Both very essential parts!!

I would recommend the Masterclass to people who are interested in how regenerative agriculture works and want to go deeper, to people who are thinking about getting a farm, or to people who have a farm but are interested in going from conventional to regenerative.”


“I wasn’t looking for another course. I did a very complete Permaculture course and was looking forward to start working. But Covid kept slowing things down and I thought it would be interesting to hear things from a different point of view.

The Masterclass was a big reality check. It humbled me. But at the same time it gave me the confidence to follow more leads and structure to really begin a project.

I really enjoyed the complimentary information on patterns. In general, I loved that the information and contents were very organised, thorough and easy to follow.

I would recommend the Masterclass to whoever is interested in regenerative agriculture.”


“Once you are starting a farm, every penny counts. Personally, I hesitated a lot before signing up because of the fact that it is an online (theory) agriculture course (practice). But I was quickly reassured that it was totally worth it and much more.

Going through the Masterclass, you basically get to see the world around you in a totally different way. Now I look differently at hills, fields with animals, etc. and realise what we are doing wrong, without even knowing about it. It was genuinely an eye-opener and gave me tools for the rest of my life and farming career!

I partulcarly appreciated the wide spectrum of ideas, which are somehow interlinked. I spoke about the topics we saw in different modules with friends who are neuropsychologists, doctors, managers etc. and they all asked me: “Where the heck did you get that info from?” “My agriculture courses”. “Ah….!”.

As for who I would recommend the Masterclass, there’s the obvious one: Anyone willing to start a farm. But also the less obvious one: Any person willing to better understand the world around us. Some parts are not directly related to agriculture but give you an understanding of what is going on; which I thought I understood initially, but not at all. So anyone curious, pragmatic and willing to make a concrete and quantifiable change.”


“Before signing up, I questioned my ability to keep pace with the course, as it is a lot of material to fit into day to day. And even though it really is a lot, it was so interesting that you happily take and make the time for it as much as possible. And the lifetime access helped greatly in overcoming that hesitation. I still look back at videos now.

The Masterclass helped my “dream board-esque” visuals and plans to take solid form, with strong designs and numbers to back it. I feel more secure in my ideas and Richard gives you the ability to think outside the box while also staying pragmatic.

My favourite feature were the shorter videos where he clearly shows the how-to’s. They are best to follow along and find again later, when you need them most.

I would recommend the Masterclass to any farmer, but particularly small-scale farmers, wanting to change their practices. “


“When considering the Masterclass, a few things gave me pause. I did not know if it would provide enough practical information on how to really begin farming regeneratively from ground zero, and I did not have an actual farm to which I could apply the knowledge. Serendipitously, that all changed during the Masterclass. The final issue was price. Having left our jobs in search of meaning and purpose, my wife and have been cautious to spend large amounts of money. I feel indebted to you all for the amount of knowledge and care provided and I’d like to give back when it makes sense.

I was perusing the local farm sale listings and found a landowner that wanted to have a farm operator essential create a farm from their relatively blank slate. They interviewed a number of candidates and settled on me, even though I have not farmed previously. The in-depth lessons from the Masterclass helped me create a holistic vision for the farm, it gave me confidence to convey an attitude of great possibility for the infrastructure and enterprises that would fit the land, and it helped me speak to the principles of regenerative agriculture that the land owners are so excited about. It was a truly fortuitous choice to join the Masterclass this year.

I like how there are many inspiring videos mixed in with the practical knowledge. The informational content was impressive. I thought the mentors did a good job responding to the questions arising on the forum and Richard’s input was very valuable, especially in the Q&A.

I would recommend the class to anyone who is interested in regenerative farming with little experience, to university students as a self-study module, and to farmers who are open to refining their knowledge and systems. “


“I don’t have much in the way of savings having being made redundant just before the first lockdown last year and struggled to find work. However, I knew this course was worth the investment.

The Masterclass has enabled me to develop a business plan and financial model (works in progress) for my entrepreneurial ambitions that can be adjusted to test different land context and scenarios.

I don’t have access to land yet, but I do have a business partner and our plan is to embark on property search in earnest by the middle of this year.

The balance between instructional video content, written materials and self-led learning was just right for me.

More broadly, I think Richard has a phenomenal gift for teaching the critical fundamentals of Holistic thinking and Keyline design alongside a refreshing obsession and love for detail and getting things done.

I would recommend the Masterclass to anyone in my personal or professional network.”


“I had various hesitations before signing up for the Masterclass; the money, wondering about the quality, how relevant it would be for me, and how difficult it would be to do in English.

The Masterclass made me take the time for each moment, which I wouldn’t have otherwise. I suddenly see my farm as a company instead of “just a farm”, and have visions and plans, calculations and budgets. I’m surprised I didn’t understand the benefits of all this before, as I of course do this at my other job.

What I liked the most was all the concrete information, details, calculations, examples; the upfront discussions about choices, regulations, possibilities, money; and that the Masterclass was so extensive, I didn’t expect that!

I would recommend the Masterclass if you are thinking about buying or starting a farm, or thinking about how to run your small traditional farm, or even garden, in a more climate-smart, responsible and lucrative way. “


“As I did not know where to start to make my dream come true, I wondered whether the investment would pay. I could have saved myself the trouble as the Masterclass is clarifying, no matter what stage you are in.

The Masterclass has taught me to set my focus. I will still start with the same enterprise but with a different motive. I have registered a company and a NGO in Nigeria (that’s the way to go about things there). I am using holistic management not only for these undertakings but also for running my family (7 children) which works surprisingly well.

My favourite feature was the worksheets. I would never be able to create those myself.

I would recommend the Masterclass to absolutely anybody. You do not need to farm to benefit from it.”


“Before signing up for the Masterclass, I was a little hesitant because of the cost and wondered if it would be value for money.

But the Masterclass has made me think about my land differently and enabled me to have the confidence to farm the land differently from my neighbours.

The amount of information that was given to us what invaluable, and I would recommend the Masterclass to anyone interested in learning more about regenerative farming.”


“I didn’t hesitate to sign up for the Masterclass. The online training fits my context well as I run a farm alongside the course – I couldn’t have participated in a classroom style training anyway, as I needed to stay on my farm.

The Masterclass has enabled me to look more at the whole. And I found it very useful to write my holistic context and put my personal values in writing. It opened a whole new set of thinking about our business and why we do what we do.

I appreciate all the spreadsheet examples, which have helped me in planning the enterprises, and also the Facebook community for sharing thoughts and questions.

I would recommend the Masterclass to anyone who is thinking about small-scale farming, but also to my former colleagues who now run big monoculture farms and would benefit from running a more diverse farm.”


“Before signing up, I wasn’t sure if my English would be good enough to understand things in depth.

The Masterclass has given me a much better understanding of a holistic view and helped me find my vision in organic agriculture. Richard’s experience and detailed view was very helpful in making my thoughts clearer.

My favourite part of the training was the detailed, concrete explanations and documents.

I would recommend the Masterclass to all folks with passion for organic agriculture and to some farmers with conventional spirit.”


“The Masterclass is a big financial and time investment.

But it has given me the knowledge and framework to focus my ambitions and finally develop them into a business.

Having watched Richard’s YouTube channel for several years, the course structure pulls them together nicely into course components. I also really valued the spreadsheets and other course materials, as well as the answers from Richard and the mentors.

I would recommend the Masterclass to anybody thinking of getting into Regen Ag or even just a smallholding.”


“I wasn’t sure if it was the right course for me given I don’t have land yet. It was also more money than I usually spend from our family budget.

But the Masterclass has enabled me to create a better self and family! The Holistic Context has been challenging and highlighted areas we want to improve and develop. I hope I can take the next steps to purchasing land but our context is so complex living between two countries. The Holistic Context is a great tool for working through this. I’ve been able to create a better Community Garden at the very least and plan to start Microgreens!

I liked the structure and layout of the web page. I reluctantly set up Facebook for this group and it took time to ‘get into it’ but it was wonderful reading the conversations and people’s contributions from all over the world. Q&A’s were great too. I also appreciated the visual input from videos as well as hearing Richard’s incredible knowledge and repetition of key concepts including pattern language and systems thinking. He became part of the family as I did my homework!

I would recommend the Masterclass to anyone I meet who thinks out of the box and who is interested in living a better life, growing food, permaculture etc. I have already presented regenerative farming to my older students.”


“Before signing up, I wondered if the course would help me as a person with no farming experience, or if the course was more valuable for experienced farmers.

The Masterclass provided me with a structured feasibility plan for the enterprises I am interested in, and with a structured approach through which to plan and design my farm once I have acquired land.

The features I liked best were the videos that support the reading material, and the useful and practical spreadsheets.

I would recommend the Masterclass to other aspiring farmers with little or no experience like me.”


“I mainly hesitated because of the cost. It is expensive, although I think it is quite fair prized. It is the best online training in this, or similar, fields.

It has enabled me to feel more confident about starting a business. Mostly because it offers such detail of cost/time of a broad spectrum of relevant enterprises. This makes me very prepared to start on my own.

The features I liked best were, the white board classes with audience, learning “behind the scenes” skills of design like Keyline patterning, the RAM community, the tried knowledge, and the detailed enterprise sheets.

I would recommend the Masterclass to anyone who considers producing professionally in any scale, and also to people who dream of self-sufficiency/homesteading. Someone who wants to benefit society and ecology.”


“The only hesitation I had on purchasing the Masterclass was the price. After consulting with my wife about the benefits, we decided that it was totally worth it.

The Masterclass has enabled me to think outside the box and to sit down, slow down, and think of a holistic approach not only to farming but also in life.

The feature that I liked most was having a Facebook group where we students could engage with our mentors and our peers.

I would recommend this Masterclass to anyone who is thinking of getting into farming without any prior experience and to those who are open enough to learn farming with a holistic approach.”


“Before signing up for the Masterclass, I had some doubts as to whether it would be the best choice for my context. I want to develop first and primarily a market garden, so I had considered some of the other “big names” that focus more exclusively on this enterprise.

I valued the opportunity to ask Richard and the mentors questions, and to have access to all the resources, especially those that facilitate the search of tools and inputs required for running a farm and all the time that has saved me.

Perhaps the most unexpected but also most valuable to me, is the chance to get in contact with peers from all over the world and especially from Norway. It is that sense of community and support that I value most from the class.

I would recommend the Masterclass to those who want to start a farm but have not yet defined which enterprise they want to establish, and to those who know they want to try many different enterprises but don’t have experience as farmers, so that they can get a good, broad introduction to the nuances of each one.”


“I didn’t hesitate to sign up, and it turned out to be a good course and great team.

The Masterclass enabled me to dig deep and think about what kind of farm I want to start developing and what’s important in the day-to-day basics during the work day.

I particularly liked the wide spread of informations and the different animal and market garden enterprises.

I will recommend the Masterclass to all my friends and farming customers that are interested in this.”


“The Masterclass enabled me to have a much clearer thought process. It really puts all the bits in a chronological order that makes a lot of sense. It also opened my eyes towards enterprises (micro dairy, pastured veal) I would have never thought possible and viable in my country (Germany). The introduction to the Holistic Management framework and the use of different planning programs was huge, and it would have taken me ages to figure all that out by myself. It gave me a clear vision to now dive into details of certain enterprises in my context and in my country and make better decisions with a clearer view.

I really appreciated the high level of detail, the excellent resource database, and the loads of forms and sheets to work with.

I would recommend the Masterclass to people who want to switch to farming to get a wider perspective of what is possible. I think it is the best stepping stone to get really clear on what you want. You can then make way better choices of where to go and get practical experience.”


“I was hesitant to do the course because of the price, considering I wasn’t yet farming and didn’t know when I would find the right land.

The class has given me the confidence to begin, as there are so many complexities to the process of farming. Now I am more pumped up and ready to dive in.

The class was very in-depth and thorough with the material. Usually an online course skimps on the actual data and numbers, but Richard is very transparent and shows all his cards so we can move forward with confidence.

I recommend it to others looking to get into farming and those who want to adopt the regenerative agriculture practices.”


“I had no hesitations before signing up for the Masterclass, as I had missed it the year before.

Next year I will move home to my family farm and thanks to the Masterclass restart it with a whole lot of ideas; it made me rethink things and work out a plan that’s gonna be realistic.

I particularly appreciated the Laying the Foundation-section about Holistic Context, just love it!

I would recommend the Masterclass to folks I talk agriculture politics and geopolitics with who want to start something new in life.”


“I hesitated to sign up because of the cost, and due to wondering how I could blend it with my current activities. I have lived in Dubai for the past 15 years, working in the construction project management field, and am planning to go back to Nigeria to start a farm on the land I have procured and paid.

The Masterclass helped me with my Holistic Context, farm planning, and decision making on terms of what kind or field of farming will be appropriate.

I particularly appreciated the Holistic Context view, the view of a farm as an ecosystem, and the parts about poultry, market gardening, financial planning, cash flow and marketing of produce.”


“I hesitated because of the cost of a wholly online course.

But the Masterclass has provided clarity about how I can start my journey in farming. It has opened my eyes to types of farming that I may not have felt confident considering. And it has reminded me that my context – ultimately my quality of life – is fundamental to the success of my farming enterprise that I am setting up.

I particularly appreciated the attention to detail on practical matters, coupled with information about where to buy the best tools and materials.

I would recommend the Masterclass to anyone in farming or thinking about farming. And to anyone that recognises (or is open to recognising) the fundamental importance of the soil to our planet.”


“My only hesitation was the price.

The Masterclass has given me more clarity of mind on how to move forward with planning my farm, has broadened my knowledge (coming from a non-farming background), and to feel a tiny bit more confident on my next steps.

I really appreciated the great Resources page, and also of course all the amazing videos.

I would recommend the Masterclass to whomever I know that is thinking about transitioning into farming, as well as to established farm owners… to direct them on the right way… REGENERATIVE FARMING!!”


“My hesitation before signing up was that I had to borrow money to do so.

The Masterclass has enabled me to see many short comings and points of weakness.

I particularly liked when the videos were direct and concise, clearly giving the information needed for that module as apposed to long-form videos that require us to have the time and concentration to watch and filter out the information.

I would recommend the Masterclass to anyone interested in farming, homesteading, regenerative agriculture, permaculture, pattern language and systems thinking. “


“My only hesitation was the price.

But the Masterclass has enabled me to gain a solid resource library of theory and practical guides – life time access is KEY to me; gain confidence in the validity of profitable small-scale farming; gain confidence in regenerative methods as a means to both profitability and long-term health of our ecosystems; gain confidence to set up two new enterprises on the farm! And probably more down the road!; gain membership of a community of like-minded farmers.

The features I liked best were the life time access; the fact that it’s video based – it brings so much more than books or talks; the mix of theory and practice, hands-on instructions and reasons why.

The course far exceeded my expectations, but I have to say I got pretty saturated by week 6 or something, so I could not absorb it all. That’s why the life time access is SO great!

I would recommend the Masterclass to our potential interns/partners; anyone with a green thumb or entrepreneurial drive that is also a hard worker and enjoys manual labor; politicians, philanthropists and decision makers.”


“At first, I had hesitations about the class due to my lack of background in farming and agriculture. I understand the value of education but my fear was this could be money wasted if the coursework was too in-depth for me to comprehend or not useful to my current situation.

The foundations taught in the course quickly put those fears to rest. From the Holistic Management approach, creating a context and basing decision making from that context to the site selection, keyline theory, and infrastructure sections this is a training that provides an invaluable foundation before delving into the specific revenue-generating enterprises that may be possible.

For us, one of the big take-aways from the course was the approach to creating healthy land. We have a dense forest with mostly lodgepole pine and fir trees on 2/3rds of the property so for this season I have been primarily a logger opening up the landscape for future use.

We are utilizing the land from the point it is at and generating revenue as we shape it to where we want it to be and so far this year I’ve sold around $5,000 of firewood and have a stack of logs to mill at a neighbors sawmill this winter potentially creating more revenue and making materials for use on the land.

This firewood enterprise is one that we expect to sustain over the next 5 years or so and although it’s not all of the money needed to live, it does show the merit in building a revenue-generating enterprise with what is available to you.

The most useful feature in the course had to be the catalog of videos specifically those demonstrating what this way of farming actually looks like. The farm tour and daily activities (moving pens, layer-mobiles, fencing, etc.) but my favorite might have been the detailed slaughter video showing step by step how the meat birds are processed.

This course shares invaluable knowledge to those without land or farming experience that are drawn to the idea of small-scale farming. The material is a concrete foundation of regenerative agriculture and lays out the “why” very clearly before giving concise detail for the “how” “what” or “who” questions.

It is also a resource for beginning farmers or landowners to help shape their vision of how to improve and appreciate your land. “Things only get better or worse, nothing just sustains at the same level” is a powerful statement in the context of managing land.

And although a much tougher sell experienced farmers and ranch owners would also benefit greatly from the profound theory taught in this course. Without a doubt, it would lead to better farms, better food, and most importantly better land once you leave it.”


“At first I was uncertain, if Richards Online-Training was right for me, but after seeing him doing his work on Youtube and then starting his Kickstarter for his AMAZING book, I was ready to buy in. And I don’t regret it!

This training has taught me so much and totally opened my eyes. Where once was “best practice” and “I do it like this, because my father did it this way”, now are patterns of nature, regeneration and life itself.

Listen to what he has to say, put it into practice to begin your epic journey to regenerativ agriculture!

We can change the future with Richard Perkins Masterclass!”


“The course taught me what tools I needed for no-dig gardening on 30 inch beds, how to prepare beds, ideas for starting seedlings and how to make a crop plan for a Veg. box scheme.

I now run Black Grove Greens CIC in Hertfordshire, UK and have been providing boxes to 15 customers for the last 20 weeks.

Previously I had not been a commercial grower so it gave me the knowledge and skills to take this leap and I’m very grateful for all the content Richard Shares. It really inspires me.”


“I purchased my 32 acre farmland in August of 2019 and thankfully soon discovered Ridgedale on YouTube to inspire my efforts.

Like so many, the 2020 COVID19 pandemic along with California’s 2019-2020 wildfires, drought, heatwaves, power outages and months of smoke filled skies made for a strange year, so I’m looking forward to 2021 with experience, optimism and reality. My next challenge will be funding this endeavor and planning the building of the farm, while managing the caregiving of two 95 year old parents.

I’m starting the Masterclass over because 2020 just was not the year to start my farm. I learn about fire abatement and soil preparation on a small scale while preparing for 2021.

The class enabled me to start laying out the Keyline design to capture the 30 to 50 inch of rain my farm is supposed to receive each year, and where to get the best return on investment of time and money.

I like being able to learn from all the other inspiring farmers experiences, good and bad. For example, one comment was, the first thing I should have bought was the greenhouse, which is what I intend to order before November when I restart my efforts. A birthday present to myself.

I’ve recommended the class and youtube to dozens of home gardeners, most of whom have not heard anything about regenerative agriculture and its environmental benefits. It also helps explain the benefits to no dig, no tractor farming.

Sincere Thanks for everything you share and teach.”


“Richard Perkins’ online training is a no-nonsense, obsessively informative, practical guide to getting shit done in the context of making small-scale profitable farming work.”


“After reading Richard’s first book and following him on Youtube, I was interested in learning Ridgedale’s story and creation in a more animated and structured way, which is done now.

I find fascinating how genuinely and clearly he explains his vision and experience. Therefore his training is accessible to everyone, from the beginners to the professionals who need a new vision and practical skills in order to deal with this great regenerative activity.

Now I fancy even more co-creating a farm with a strong focus on soil regeneration, symbiotic activities and full of life.

After this training, I am convinced that it is possible to run a small farm from scratch and live from it with dignity with my family. Nonetheless, Richard was transparent about the price to pay in terms of family, time, … A strong team is required ;)”


“When considering to register for the Regenerative Agriculture masterclass I had no hesitations. I have been learning from Richard Perkins for years now starting with his first book and all he and his team share from their farm.

The masterclass has enabled me to understand the value of planning ahead and to be able to plan farm enterprises myself in a way that fit my context.

The threads where people can share their own projects from around the world is an excellent feature of this course, as well as the video content which is priceless.

I recommend this class to anyone considering starting a business revolving around food. There is a lot to be learned here about how food is produced and innovative ways to make a living from regenerative agriculture.”